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How To Pick Your Winter Jacket?

How To Pick Your Winter Jacket

Human beings are fragile, it is required for us to take care of ourselves in order to allow ourselves continue in doing our daily activities. We all know that the world doesn’t stay on one season which is why there things that we need to remember in order to keep ourselves from different diseases. Winter season is a season where, you know- snow here, snow there, snow everywhere (hooray), it will make your own body temperature go down which is why it is required to own a winter jacket in order to keep warm.

Winter Jackets

There are things that we need to remember before I let you present the features that you need to look as you buy a winter jacket: style. That’s right, style, it what makes us millennials do the shopping. Don’t deny it! Everyone wants to look good no matter how many people judge the clothes that you are wearing. What if we combine style and safety in order to create an ideal winter jacket? Sounds fair enough? Here are the few things that you need to remember when you want to choose a winter jacket.


This is the first thing that you need to know when you’re buying a winter jacket in a store: check its fabric. Identify it! There are many winter jackets that are good in physical appearance but bad in fabric. The winter jacket fabrics that you need to look for are: cashmere and wool. These kinds of jackets are worth enough to buy!


OBVIOUSLY! What’s the point in buying winter jackets in the store if you don’t have enough cash? Yes I agree that the winter jacket that you saw will keep you warm during the winter season because of its high quality features but will you kindly look at the price tag, mate? See? Expensive! That’s why it is recommended to go to small stores that sell affordable winter jackets and has moderate quality. You don’t know, maybe somehow the heavens will guide you to a store that sells affordable and high quality winter jackets! You don’t know, mate.

These are the things that you need to remember on how to pick your winter jacket. Careful, it’s freezing outside! Be safe and keep yourself warm as you spend the whole winter season in your country!

How to hand wash down jacket

Softly and Gently is How to Hand Wash Down Jacket

Down comes from the soft feathers of ducks and geese. And if you are an outdoors person, you might well own a down jacket, be donning it to keep you warm and protected outdoors. Eventually, this special jacket will need to be washed and you have probably wondered how to do this. It’s important how you wash your down jacket and dry cleaning is not a good idea. Chemicals used in dry cleaning can actually damage the down. That means your jacket will need a hand wash or a machine wash, but today we are going to investigate how to hand wash your down jacket. Cleaning and storage of down jackets is important for them to work properly and they should really only be cleaned once or twice a year.

Prepare your jacket for washing

Prepare your jacket by ensuring that all the zips are zipped up, brushing off any dry bits of mud or dirt on the jacket. Also ensure that any flaps have been buttoned up. Most of the down jackets have a label inside the jacket. This will show you how to wash, dry and maintain your unique down jacket. When you hand wash your jacket, it is important that the water should only be at about 30 centigrade. You can soak your jacket in this cool water first for about 20 minutes, ensuring that it is completely covered and wet everywhere. Next, you can add the cleaner; something specifically formulated to wash delicate items, something like an antibacterial washing solution, especially suited for temperatures that go as low as 30. This type of cleaner will remove odors from the jacket and still keep the waterproof fabric safe. Let your jacket soak with this washing solution for another 5 minutes. Finally, you can rinse your jacket out thoroughly by squeezing it lightly but not wringing it out.

A tumble dryer will get rid of all moisture which is important

Rather don’t air-dry jackets as this will take a long time. The down feathers will be more likely to clump together and the jacket might even end up smelling. If you have a tumble dryer, set it at the lowest heat possible, always. The label inside your jacket will also explain the best procedures how to dry a down jacket.

Adding a couple of tennis balls inside the dryer also helps to prevent the down feathers from clumping together – they sort of help towards fluffing out the down again. Remember that the jacket needs to be 100% dry. With gentle TLC given to your jacket, you will be set to enjoy your jacket for seasons to come.


How to pick shoes for a dress?

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. Ladies nowadays are embracing the fashion world predominantly. Every girl wanted to look the best way possible. Every one of them wants to dress like the stepped out from the pages of the popular fashion magazines. Nobody would like to be left and tagged as old fashioned one.

Are you worried about the thing to wear for prom, for your birthday, for your date, or something? You wanted to be the apple of everybody’s eye. You wanted to be known for someone who has a great taste for fashion. Then how can you do that? Well, one is to make sure that the shoes and the dress go together. There must be an intensified combination to stand out from the rest. How is that?

You must consider these tips in picking up a shoe for your chosen dress.

Consider the color

Pick a shoe that goes with the color of your dress. If you have a black or white dress, then you can choose whatever color you want for these colors can be matched with any. On the other hand, if you have multi- colored dresses, then pick for a shoe with one shade only.

Consider the height

Go for the height of the shoe that fits with the occasion. If you are short, and you have a tall date, then you must wear a high-heeled shoe. If you are tall, and your date is not that tall, then you have to pick for a flat one. It isn’t good to see a couple with large gaps on heights.

Consider the style

Be sure to match the style of your whole with the style of your cloth. Just make sure that you are not over- dressed because this can ruin your outfit. Pick the best accessories that comply with the style of your dress and shoe.

Consider comfort

They say the best way to choose your fashion is going to something you are comfortable with. If you’re not comfortable with the shoes, then you cannot carry on your style.

If you take this tips into consideration when you are buying your shoes to mix in with your dress, I guarantee a hundred percent well- fashioned wear. Just don’t forget to walk with confidence and grace. Wear your best shoe, dress up well, and stand up from the crowd!

How to pick trousers for men?

Whether you’re rocking a great evening jacket, a tailor made shirt or even a casual sweater, no look is gonna be complete without the perfect pair of trousers. Sadly, many men out there have no idea what to look for when they pick trousers. Some practically dread the experience, but fear not, we’re here to provide some assistance if you ever find yourself uncertain what to look for in a pair of trousers.


The first thing to watch out for is what material your trousers are made out of. Certain fabrics will lose shape and become baggy quicker. Cashmere and hopsack are not ideal for trousers. If they are found in percentages over 20, those trousers won’t last long.


If you’re like most guys, you know your trouser length. What about waist size? While it is tempting to buy trousers by leg length, you need to know your waist size if they are to fit perfectly. Unless you want to keep your trousers up by using a pair of braces, take some time to get a fitting for your trousers. Most trousers are worn with shoes and you want the leg to cover your socks and slightly drape over your shoes. This can be difficult to achieve if you’re wearing trousers with the wrong waist size. They just keep sagging.

Dress for body shape

If you’re thin, you can wear thin trousers with front pleats and still look great. If you are of stockier build, that might not be such a good idea. Get a pair of trousers with wide legs instead. Your trousers should flatter your profile. If you’re picking trousers to wear for a formal occasion, you should consider paying to get them angled. By making them slightly longer in the back than the front, your trousers will drape over your shoes in a more artistic way.

Men have been wearing trousers since the 16th century. That might not have been enough time for some to learn how to pick trousers but it shouldn’t be that bad for you. Go ahead and try our suggestions out. If you still feel you need help, ask a tailor. They will be glad to offer their expertise on the subject matter.

How to pick women handbag? (Detailed Guide)

Let’s get serious, women love handbags, if we were all millionaires our closets would be overflowing with them, we would have every size, color and shape! Unfortunately, being fabulously rich is certainly not the case for the most of us, so being practical and realistic is our only option. when deciding on buying a new handbag, we have to take many things into consideration, we need to ask ourselves many questions….will it match most of my clothes, will it hold the weight that I normally travel with on a daily basis, will it be comfortable, will it last and most importantly, is it pretty!

Sometimes finding a bag that suits all of our needs is a hard task, and more often than not, when we find the perfect bag, it is out of our price range! The bag that you ultimately decide upon must meet at least your most important criteria; if you are looking for everyday comfort and you don’t have lots of weight to carry, a cute crossover may be the one for you. If you usually carry lots of weight that is bulky, you may lean more towards a larger type bag, like a shopper or mid-sized tote.

If it is quality that you are looking, stay away from faux leather and polyurethane and try to find genuine leather which is stitched. You should know though, when looking for a quality bag, you are more likely to spend more money on it initially, but it tends to pay off in the long run as the bag has a longer longevity. In terms of bags made from fabrics, make sure that the fabric is nice and thick as opposed to light and thin, again this will cost you a bit more, but it will be well worth it in the end.

When buying a handbag, you should examine it to ensure that the quality of the handiwork is up to standard. Ensure that there are no faulty zippers, and that straps are firmly secured, look at the stitching to make sure that it is nice and straight. After all, it is your money that you are spending; make sure that you are making the most of how you use it.

Short guide on how to pick lipstick

As a beginner in using lipstick, you need to learn some simple rules on how to pick lipstick best matching your lips complexion. Lipsticks come in a variety of colors and textures. You need to be aware of the fact that not all shades complement every lips tone. Skin complexions vary and so do the lipsticks shades. It might seem complicated how to decide what’s best for you. However, a simple rule for a novice is to start instead with a tinted balm or a lip gloss. They will get you accustomed to wearing a product on your lips, even if these may not add that much color.

Lip gloss is a good option for the beginner as well as for the lazy girl. There is no stain left behind when such a product smudges off. You can simply reapply the lips gloss for instant shine.

Department store vs. drugstore

You may find some hidden gems in drugstores, but paying a premium price for quality lipsticks from a department store is worth it. It depends on your budget. If you want to buy lipstick without breaking the back, your local drugstore is a good place to start. It may also allow you to test textures and colors.

Decide between gloss, matte or satin

It might be good if you already have a personal preference, but for newbies, a good advice is to test away from the shade on your lips. For daytime could match a neutral gloss, while for going out you may try bold mattes and satins. Lip glosses and tinted balms are good options if you prefer something more subtle.

Application Tips

Moisture is very important with lipstick. Make sure your lips are both moisturized and exfoliated prior to lipstick application. Define your lips with a liner in a similar shade to your desired lipstick once your lips are prepped. Make sure to keep inside the lines and follow the natural shape of your lips. In order to ensure an even, polished look, lightly blot your lips with a tissue after fully applying the lipstick.

Best way to wash moncler jacket

We all know how difficult it can be to get any clothing clean, however, a Moncler jacket can be amongst one of the more difficult ones. Sometimes you may think that it is better to send your jacket to the Dry Cleaners as you paid a lot for it, however this isn’t always the case as they may damage it beyond repair, therefore it is better for you to wash it yourself at home.

In this article, we will be giving you some tips on how to get your jacket clean without damaging it.

Try not to wash it too often

The problem that could occur from washing it too often is that the shine will disappear from the jacket, but you also stand a chance of damage happening to it faster due to wear and tear from the washing machines.

Check what your jacket is made of

It is important to check what fabric your jacket is made from so that you know what products you are or aren’t able to use in order to clean it.

For light stains

It is advised to use a kitchen sponge, pour a small amount of tableware detergent and squeeze the sponge until it gets foamy. Once you have applied this to the jacket to get rid of the small stains, use a dry towel to dry up the left over water and once done let it dry naturally.

Washing the jacket

Use a mild detergent and wash the jacket at a medium temperature, once the jacket has been washed move it over to a tumble dryer. Add at least 6 to 8 tennis balls in the tumble dryer at a lowest temperature possible, the use of the tennis balls is to ensure that it will not clump and the jacket will not lose the fluffiness.

Ironing your jacket

These jackets tend to wrinkle quite fast due to the fabric of which it is made out of, for example when you sit for a long period of time it will wrinkle once you stand up. A good tip to iron your jacket is to use a wet cloth, place this over the wrinkled part and iron it for a few seconds. Remove the cloth and smooth the fabric with your hands and repeat until you are happy with the results.

We hope that these instructions and tips will help you with knowing how to take better care of your jacket in terms of cleaning and help prevent future damage that could occur.