How to pick trousers for men?


Whether you’re rocking a great evening jacket, a tailor made shirt or even a casual sweater, no look is gonna be complete without the perfect pair of trousers. Sadly, many men out there have no idea what to look for when they pick trousers. Some practically dread the experience, but fear not, we’re here to provide some assistance if you ever find yourself uncertain what to look for in a pair of trousers.


The first thing to watch out for is what material your trousers are made out of. Certain fabrics will lose shape and become baggy quicker. Cashmere and hopsack are not ideal for trousers. If they are found in percentages over 20, those trousers won’t last long.


If you’re like most guys, you know your trouser length. What about waist size? While it is tempting to buy trousers by leg length, you need to know your waist size if they are to fit perfectly. Unless you want to keep your trousers up by using a pair of braces, take some time to get a fitting for your trousers. Most trousers are worn with shoes and you want the leg to cover your socks and slightly drape over your shoes. This can be difficult to achieve if you’re wearing trousers with the wrong waist size. They just keep sagging.

Dress for body shape

If you’re thin, you can wear thin trousers with front pleats and still look great. If you are of stockier build, that might not be such a good idea. Get a pair of trousers with wide legs instead. Your trousers should flatter your profile. If you’re picking trousers to wear for a formal occasion, you should consider paying to get them angled. By making them slightly longer in the back than the front, your trousers will drape over your shoes in a more artistic way.

Men have been wearing trousers since the 16th century. That might not have been enough time for some to learn how to pick trousers but it shouldn’t be that bad for you. Go ahead and try our suggestions out. If you still feel you need help, ask a tailor. They will be glad to offer their expertise on the subject matter.

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