Softly and Gently is How to Hand Wash Down Jacket

Down comes from the soft feathers of ducks and geese. And if you are an outdoors person, you might well own a down jacket, be donning it to keep you warm and protected outdoors. Eventually, this special jacket will need to be washed and you have probably wondered how to do this. It’s important how you wash your down jacket and dry cleaning is not a good idea. Chemicals used in dry cleaning can actually damage the down. That means your jacket will need a hand wash or a machine wash, but today we are going to investigate how to hand wash your down jacket. Cleaning and storage of down jackets is important for them to work properly and they should really only be cleaned once or twice a year.

Prepare your jacket for washing

Prepare your jacket by ensuring that all the zips are zipped up, brushing off any dry bits of mud or dirt on the jacket. Also ensure that any flaps have been buttoned up. Most of the down jackets have a label inside the jacket. This will show you how to wash, dry and maintain your unique down jacket. When you hand wash your jacket, it is important that the water should only be at about 30 centigrade. You can soak your jacket in this cool water first for about 20 minutes, ensuring that it is completely covered and wet everywhere. Next, you can add the cleaner; something specifically formulated to wash delicate items, something like an antibacterial washing solution, especially suited for temperatures that go as low as 30. This type of cleaner will remove odors from the jacket and still keep the waterproof fabric safe. Let your jacket soak with this washing solution for another 5 minutes. Finally, you can rinse your jacket out thoroughly by squeezing it lightly but not wringing it out.

A tumble dryer will get rid of all moisture which is important

Rather don’t air-dry jackets as this will take a long time. The down feathers will be more likely to clump together and the jacket might even end up smelling. If you have a tumble dryer, set it at the lowest heat possible, always. The label inside your jacket will also explain the best procedures how to dry a down jacket.

Adding a couple of tennis balls inside the dryer also helps to prevent the down feathers from clumping together – they sort of help towards fluffing out the down again. Remember that the jacket needs to be 100% dry. With gentle TLC given to your jacket, you will be set to enjoy your jacket for seasons to come.