Craftsman two stage snow blower

A neat home is a desire of every person. However, most of the times when the temperatures are too low; such as during the winter season, most homes are covered by snow all over the compound. In fact snow is the way of life in most parts of our area during the winter season. As it is the case with the other natural occurring events, snowfall cannot be controlled and thus it is upon the affected people to learn how to survive with it. It is hectic to wake up in the morning and find the walkways in the compound covered by sow.

The traditional way of getting rid of the snow from the compound was to use a shovel, which strains your body and obviously leaves you tired. Even worse, some homes have a vast compound and thus becoming impossible to use shovel to clear it. In such scenarios, Craftsman two stage snow blower becomes a machine of great help. The machine will help you to clear the snow covering your walkways, and for that reason, every home should at least own a Craftsman snow blower in preparation for the winter season.

Factors to consider in choosing

The Craftsman snow blower are made in different sizes, using different technologies and of course selling at different prices. This ensures that the customer choose their preferred machine based on their budget and needs. The first consideration a customer should look into is the terrain of the home ground, and vastness. For a small home, a big machine may not be necessary, when a smaller machine is available at a reasonable price. The Craftsman two stage snow blower is an advanced form of the Craftsman single stage snow blower, and
thus it is appropriate for homes whose compound is large enough or long walkways. The Craftsman two stage snow blower is also preferred when the ground is sloppy of ragged.

How is works

As the name suggests, the Craftsman two stage snow blower works in two steps. First, it has an auger, which is used in breaking the large snow particles, to fit into the sucker. The snow is then sucked into the machine and blown away through the discharge chute. The machine is appropriate for use in an area that receives snows of a depth more than one foot. The Craftsman single stage snow blower is limited to a depth of not more than one foot, and thus when buying a snow blower to be used on an area that receives heavy snow, should opt for the Craftsman two stage snow blower.

Cost of buying

The cost of buying the machine varies with the capabilities and technology used in the machine. Most Craftsman two stage snow blowers are powered using gas, and attract a high buying price. The gas powered Craftsman two stage snow blowers typically cost between $1000 and $2000, whereas those powered using electricity, cost for as low as $90, and it’s upon the buyer to choose the preferred machine. It is advisable that before you think about buying a snow blower, you think about the available budget, and the amount of snow to be cleared using the machine. If the amount of snow is much, a Craftsman two stage snow blower is appropriate. Likewise, if there is sufficient money to use in buying any machine, choosing a gas powers machine makes sense and such machines are more powerful than those electric powered.

Single vs. two stage Craftsman snow blower

A single stage snow blower depends on only one bit of gear, the wood screw, to both get and remove snow. This wood screw can be produced using hard plastic or metal, contingent upon the model of the snow blower. Two-step models have an extra piece, called an impeller, which sits behind the wood screw and releases the snow; the twist drill’s just reason in a two-step snow blower is to get snow. This division of work gives the machine more power, making it reasonable for more concentrated work.

By a long shot the greatest contrast between the two assortments lies in the machines’ energy. Single stage snow blowers can undoubtedly clear moderately light, dry snow, yet don’t have the ability to push through a lot of wet, pressed snow. The wetter and heavier the snow, the more power a blower needs to expel it. Two-step snow blowers have the additional torque to clear further, heavier snow, on account of their expanded pickup and tossing capacities and their self-impetus.

Single stage and two phase snow blowers additionally vary as far as their separate clearing territories. Single-step machines can clear a territory going from 10 to 20 crawls over, contingent upon the model. That is fine for a walkway or walkway however will require various goes to clear a carport. Two-step machines are more extensive and can clear a zone up to three feet over, again relying upon the model. For mortgage holders with a considerable measure of room to clear, a two-step blower can be a hotshot saver.

In a single stage machine, the wood screw reaches the surface being cleared. This can be both preference and a deterrent. The contact between the wood screw and the ground pulls the machine forward, bringing about a level of self-impetus. Obviously, the administrator still needs to direct the machine. This immediate contact with the surface additionally brings about exhaustive clearing, overwhelming snow directly down to the ground. In any case, this likewise implies single stage machines should just be utilized on smooth surfaces, for example, asphalt.

In a two-step snow blower, the wood screw never touches the clearing surface. Rather, the administrator can alter the blower’s tallness by moving the metal plates on which the blower sits. On account of this customization stature, two-step snow blowers are reasonable for any surface, including rock and pulverized stone carports. Lamentably, this additionally implies the blower won’t evacuate each and every piece of snow from the surface being referred to. Two-step snow blowers leave a thin covering of snow behind on the cleared surface.

Another key contrast between single stage and two phase snow blowers is the accessibility of electric models. Single-step machines come in the two gas-fueled and electric models, the last of which can be advantageous for little walkways and carports where line length isn’t excessively of an issue. In any case, every one of the two phase snow blowers keep running on gas.

Numerous two phase snow blowers accompany highlights that are not accessible on littler models. Some incorporate warmed hand grips or electric begin instruments, others have hydro-static variable-speed transmissions and float cutters for profound snow. A few models even accompany vinyl taxicabs to shield the administrator from the cool. These highlights shift by model and producer, however generally speaking, two-step blowers accompany numerous a bigger number of highlights than single stage machines.

While choosing a snow blower, it is vital to remember these components. Single stage snow blowers are more affordable and are less demanding to transport and store, influencing them to fine alternatives for homes with constrained snowfall and restricted space to clear. Two-step snow blowers are bigger, heavier and more costly. For mortgage holders who need to clear overwhelming snow from an extensive region, however, an all the more effective machine can be definitely justified even despite the extra exertion.

Craftsman Snowblower Start-up

How to Get On Top of High Blood Pressure with Home Remedies

High blood pressure that happens due to narrowing of arteries causes strain on the blood vessels as well as the heart. Hypertensionis extremely common; according to studies, no less than half of America’s population is affected by this silent killer. If you have been diagnosed with having hypertension, here’s what you can do at home to control it:

Start Exercising Regularly

Exercising for around 30-60 minutes daily can work wonders. Apart from reducing your blood pressure, exercise can help you to reduce weight, elevate your mood, improve your balance and strength, and reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiac disease. You should preferably consult your doctor before starting.Make a slow start and ramp up the duration and intensity progressively. If you don’t want to work out in the gym, you can try walking briskly, jogging, hiking, swimming, cycling, however, the best results are achieved if you combine the aerobic exercises with some muscle strengthening workouts like weightlifting or pushups.

Lose As Much Weight as Possible

Even a minor loss of weight can have a beneficial effect on your blood pressure. You also need to be alert about your waistline; visceral fat as belly fat is called in medical parlance can exert pressure on the abdominal organs and lead to elevated blood pressure and other serious health problems. Men should try to limit their waist circumference to less than 40 inches, while women should ideally attempt to be 35 inches or less. Mybiosource Elisa kits are being increasingly used by lab researchers to find out the effects of antigens on fat accumulation.

Follow a Controlled Diet

The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet or DASH as it is also called is proven to lower blood pressure. It is a recommendation to eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and meat, fish, as well as, nuts. The diet recommends elimination of foods that are high in saturated fats, which means that you should typically avoid processed foods, fatty cuts of meat, and full-fat dairy products. Reducing your consumption of sugary desserts and sweetened drinks like sodas is advised. Aim to reduce consumption of salt as much as possible to avoid water retention by your body.

Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes has a very bad effect on your blood pressure. The increase in blood pressure lasts for several minutes after you smoke one so if you are a heavy smoker, you can expect your blood pressure to remain high for an extended period of time. If you are already suffering from hypertension then your risk is even more and you could fall prey to cardiac incidents or brain strokes. You should make it a point to even avoid even second-hand smoke as it has the same effect.


It needs to be recognized that high blood pressure can take a very severe toll on your health. Since the symptoms may not necessarily manifest themselves, people with sedentary lifestyles as well as smokers should have their blood pressure measured regularly. Making appropriate lifestyle changes can significantly lower your blood pressure.


How to lower blood pressure quickly and naturally


Author Bio: Daniel Mattei is a Professional writer. He has written many articles on Health. In this article he has mentioned about Mybiosource Elisa.