How to Apply Full Lace Wigs

The full lace wigs are the newest innovation in the wig industry. One of their exclusive and advanced features is that they appear growing out of the scalp of the wearer. These are separate hair strands that are hand woven to the lace cap, which allows the hair to move freely, style in any updo, and divide in any direction.


If you are suffering from an intense hair loss, or you wish to adorn a new hairstyle without damaging your natural hair, then the full lace wigs are an excellent option. But it is essential that you must secure and wear the wig in the perfect way and naturally. By properly adorning the wig, it is possible to get a lasting wear and the perfect natural look that you have always desired

So, if you wish to know the perfect way to apply full lace wigs on your own, then here we list down the steps from the experts!

Supplies You’ll Be Needing :

For a perfect and lasting fit, you need supplies, like rubbing alcohol, scalp protector, fine-tooth comb, cotton rounds, satin scarf, wig cap, scissors, and lace wig adhesive.


  • Before using any adhesive do a patch test to avoid experiencing any serious allergic reaction.
  • Make sure you select the lace wig that matches perfectly to your natural hair.

Preparing the Existing Hair and Scalp :

Before applying the full lace wigs, you must exfoliate well the entire skin around your hairline. Also, keep a check that your scalp and natural hair are clean. This will offer a creating a strong bond with the adhesive. The natural hair must be free from lumps and the hair wig must be in line with the measurements of your natural hair.

Steps to Follow to Apply Full Lace Wigs :

In order to get luxurious locks with the full lace wigs, you must follow these steps precisely.

Step 1 – First wear a fresh wig cap in a way that you tuck all your natural hair inside the cap. Make sure you adjust the wig cap so that it fits well at the front hairline.

If you are not able to arrange a wig cap, then you may comb back all your hair and ensure that they stay away from the scalp line.

Step 2 – Customizing the lace wigs is another imperative step in applying for these extensions. Customization can result in the slight trimming of the extensions and may reduce its length. So, make sure that you first check for the trim and carry on with the process. Fasten the virgin hair extensions back from the scalp line using the hair clips. Cut small layers of lace in order to avoid an accidental cutting of the length. Also, it is essential to leave a small layer of sticking the past wig hairline, probably 1 inch for a perfect fit.

Step 3 – As a third step, clean the entire skin by hairline with help of a soft cloth or a cotton ball dampened with the cleanser. It is essential to remove all the hair oils so that the wig adhesive fixes properly.

Step 4 – Place and apply scalp protector to the skin of your hairline. It is important to follow this step if your skin is sensitive.

Step 5 – Carefully, stick the wig tape to the edge of the complete lace wig. Gently place the tape to the edges of the lace and around the underside area of the wig. You may use the wig tape either alone or in combination to the wig adhesive.

If you want a perfect stick to your wig and that too without experiencing any problem to your skin, then make sure you use only best quality adhesive only.

Step 6 – Apply a gentle layer of the wig adhesive to the scalp with help of a cotton ball swab in it properly. Once you have applied the adhesive you must allow it to try for some time or for the recommended duration of length.

The directions and time needed for the adhesive to dry are always mentioned at the backside of the glue. Again, you may apply the adhesive either alone or in combination to the wig tape. It is essential so that you get the perfect and lasting fit that you desire.

Step 7 – Now place the complete lace wig on your head. The simplest way for this is to identify the front-center of the wig extension. You can get a defined hairline by parting the hair. It is important to place the middle of the wig hairline and line it up with the center of the forehead at the hairline. It is essential to press down the edges neatly for a couple of seconds so that the adhesive sticks to the skin. Once the adhesive has been placed nicely and neatly, you may then style it up the way you prefer.

Bonus Tips!

What you must do if you apply the adhesive accidentally to incorrect areas of the skin dab. In such a situation it is recommended to also buy the adhesive remover, and apply it on the areas where you want the glue to be removed. Also, you can get it removed with wet cotton, but this can be practiced instantly. If the glue has start drying, then it won’t be possible to remove it with water.

Applying full lace wigs is very much easy. So, just follow these steps and style yourself in the most appealing way!