Power Bank Buying Tips

Almost everybody owns some form of mobile device these days, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, a smartwatch or camera, a laptop or even a games console such as a Nintendo Switch. Each runs on battery power, and when that runs out users start getting frustrated. So a power bank that can keep all these gadgets going … [Read more…]

App Development Program For Female Entrepreneurs Launched By Apple

Apple  is looking to better support female-identifying founders through its new Entrepreneur Camp, a technology lab focused on app development. The free two-week camp, which kicks off in January, will give female founders the opportunity to receive one-on-one coding assistance from Apple engineers, as well as attend sessions on design, technology and App Store marketing. The idea … [Read more…]

Windows 10 Update eliminates Windows Media Player

Microsoft may want to consider renaming the now-infamous Windows 10 October Update version 1809. First it had to be pulled from the public due to critical file-deleting bugs. Then it was finally reissued in the middle of November. This default apps bug is still broken. Machines with Intel HD Graphics drivers are losing their sound (again). iCloud syncing is broken. And now Microsoft says Windows … [Read more…]