App Development Program For Female Entrepreneurs Launched By Apple

Apple  is looking to better support female-identifying founders through its new Entrepreneur Camp, a technology lab focused on app development.

The free two-week camp, which kicks off in January, will give female founders the opportunity to receive one-on-one coding assistance from Apple engineers, as well as attend sessions on design, technology and App Store marketing. The idea is to help teams shave off overall development time.

To be eligible to participate, the company must be female-founded, female co-founded or female-led, and have at least one woman on the development team. The program is inclusive to all who identify as women.

For companies that are currently Android-only, Entrepreneur Camp could be an opportunity for them to learn more about Apple’s ecosystem and get support directly from the technology’s creators. For Apple, it’s an opportunity to increase both the quantity and quality of apps in its store.

“We wanted to focus on women who already have an app-driven business, and we don’t require them to have an iOS app,” Apple Senior Director of Worldwide Developer Marketing Esther Hare told TechCrunch. “This isn’t an incubator where you come with a good idea and we help you think through it. It’s about already having a good idea, maybe they want to incorporate machine learning or augmented reality, or use some of Apple’s other technologies.”

Additionally, Hare envisions this program serving as a bit of street cred, which could help women get more funding. This year, female founders have raised just 2.2 percent of all venture capital investment in the U.S., according to PitchBook.

More broadly, she said, “we believe we can have a role in bringing women into more leadership roles” and help keep women in the workforce.

That’s why the program enables the core participant to bring up to three members from their team to the lab.

“Even if they’re not the most advanced, they get to come to the workshop to get support, network and skill development,” Hare said.

Apple has done similar workshops, talks and accelerators in the past, but this is the first that’s focused on women-founded companies. And while this is female-specific, Hare said “we designed this program with all underrepresented minorities in mind — particularly women of color.”


Apple launches new app development program

Windows 10 Update eliminates Windows Media Player

Microsoft may want to consider renaming the now-infamous Windows 10 October Update version 1809. First it had to be pulled from the public due to critical file-deleting bugs. Then it was finally reissued in the middle of November. This default apps bug is still broken. Machines with Intel HD Graphics drivers are losing their sound (again). iCloud syncing is broken. And now Microsoft says Windows Media Player is broken in the latest cumulative update.

How some Windows 10 users must feel by now |GETTY

“After installing this update, users may not be able to use the Seek Bar in Windows Media Player when playing specific files,” Microsoft writes in its known issues document. “Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release.”

I’m suddenly reminded of that time Windows 10 urged you to use “Movies & TV” instead of Windows Media Player.

Or that time in 2017 when Microsoft accidentally removed Windows Media Player from Windows 10.

As with most bugs of this nature, it’s difficult to determine how widespread the problem is. It’s certainly not a crippling one (just use VLC instead), but it’s baffling to me that a problem like this can be introduced into such a mature piece of software.

In Microsoft’s half-defensive, half-gloating blog post associated with the re-release of the Windows 10 October Update, it said:

“With Windows 10 alone we work to deliver quality to over 700 million monthly active Windows 10 devices, over 35 million application titles with greater than 175 million application versions, and 16 million unique hardware/driver combinations. In addition, the ecosystem delivers new drivers, firmware, application updates and/or non-security updates daily. Simply put, we have a very large and dynamic ecosystem that requires constant attention and care during every single update. That all this scale and complexity can “just work” is key to Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”

That is a dizzying and mind-numbing number of hardware configurations, and I will never envy the position of software developers deploying stuff on that kind of scale. However, perhaps Microsoft should ease back on the “it just works” mentality for at least the next few months. This bug is not a major issue, but it is yet another bug serving to severely tarnish the reputation of Windows 10 and Microsoft’s quality assurance methods.

As a gentle reminder, I’ve been using Ubuntu Linux for nearly six months. I haven’t lost any files. My audio never stopped working, I can choose new default apps at any time. My laptop has never rebooted unexpected for an update or any other reason. Seriously, I continue beating this drum because, if you don’t truly have to use Windows 10, there are superior alternatives out there.


Microsoft Breaks Windows Media Player in Windows 10 Update