Different Types of Sewing Machine and Their Uses

Types of sewing machines

Whether sewing is just a hobby or you are interested in starting a new business, there is a variety of sewing machines you can choose from. There is a type of sewing machine for every one of your goals, either for when you want to sew some personal clothes or for when you want to achieve a professional look and create a new design.

 Manual sewing machines:

Manual sewing machines are the primary type since there is no need for using electricity for them to function. Their purpose is personal use, as they do not have a variety of features and as it is a little bit harder to operate them, compared to the other types of sewing machines. People have been using them for a long time, and they are known for lasting longer than the other kinds. But nowadays, manual sewing machines are no longer being used as much, since a variety of embroidery machines has arisen. A lot of them are being considered antiques.

Mechanical sewing machine:

Mechanical sewing machines are also a basic type of sewing machines but are not the same as the manual ones. Mechanical sewing machines run on electricity, compared to the manual machines, but the tailor handles every function. The mechanized pedal, with a particular level of pressure over it, slows down the speed of the machine or speeds the machine up. This type of machine is used by people who are not sewing on a daily basis since it is not as expensive as the following types of sewing machines and does not have as many functions.

Electronic sewing machines:

Electronic sewing machines dispose of a motor, and the motor gives power to the machine and the needle. Such sewing machines do not require as much physical effort as the manual ones, and they have the capacity to sew various fabrics and patterns. The electronic sewing machines are efficient, and they run on electrical impulses. The electrical impulses give the machine the necessary speed. This type of machine is used for personal purposes, but for people who have more knowledge of sewing.

Computerized sewing machines:

Computerized sewing machines are indeed being used for more advanced purposes. They have a lot of functions, display and an USB port used for sewing specific patterns and designs. This type of modern machine has built-in computers, apart from the display and the computer has control over the motors of the machines. The needle bar will then be able to reproduce a precise pattern. This type of sewing machines is complicated compared to the basic machines and the electronic sewing machine because it has a lot of technology incorporated.

The computerized sewing machine is used when having a business, because it is faster and productive and can reproduce any pattern.

Every single type of sewing machine is used for a different purpose. It depends on how much you are going to use the sewing machine. If you want to use the machine from time to time, then you should probably choose the mechanical or the electronic one. Compared to the computerized sewing machine, these two have a lower price. But be aware of the fact that the mechanical machine requires a little bit more effort. Home embroidery machine also popular on the market. If you sew often and you want to create different designs, or even if you want to start a small business, the computerized sewing machine is perfect for achieving your goal.