How to cut a bike lock?

Most of the people want to know how to cut a bike lock. Bike locks are really hard and can’t able to cut easily by your hands. But by using following tools you can cut the bike lock easily.

Cable cutters, Hacksaw, A hammer, Crow bar, Bolt cutters, Hydraulic bottle jacks & Portable angle grinder are most common cutters used to cut a bike lock. If you want to secure your bike lock the you need to choose best combination bike locks. Those are not easily cut. They also very strong.

bike lock

By using cable cutter you can easily cut cable lock. Cable lock cutting is the most easy for theft. Because many of the people buying cable lock so, thief can easily take cable lock cutter from home and cut the cable lock and escape.

Cable lock cutter help you to cut the cheap u locks.

Crowbars and hammers are used to crack the bike lock. Many of the bike locks comes with chain and U type locks. If you are using any of them then you can buy hammer or crowbars. They can help you to cut the bike locks.

Bolt cutter is another tool which helps to cut the cable. If you are dealing with cable and you can’t able to cut using cable cutter means you can try bolt cutter which is easy if you miss the key and want to break the lock.

If above all methods are fails use portable grinders which is realistic method to break any bike lock.

Still if you are confused about hoe to choose bike locks then you can read this guide about ho to choose bike locks.

Here we recommend to call a locksmith to crack a bike lock.

Because if you are trying it in open space, then many people thought you are thief. So, calling locksmith and open a bike lock is the best way. Sometime using lightweight bike lock is the most common theft problem.