Facts About Periyar Ideology

Today is the 45th anniversary of Periyar. Periyar’s revolutionary ideas are similar to the principles and principles of Socrates and Karl Marx Ambedkar. Some of the important events and activities of his life …

Periyar opposed Hindu Varnashrama Dharma, God’s faith and closure habits. His self-respecting movement emphasized that non-Brahmins should not think of themselves as inferior.

When a child was married, he had lost his husband and lived a life-long janitor. He remarried them and made the revolution.

Attracted by Gandhian principles, he joined Congress in 1919. Khadi worked for Gandhi’s fundamental principles of anti-liquor and untouchability. The outcome of his ally with Rajaji and the Congress’s activities did not go unnoticed.

Though he was different in terms of policy, he continued to be friendly with Rajaji.┬áThe Congress party’s stunted picket struggle. Periyar cut out all the coconut trees that were on his shoulder, not to be used for supporting the fire fighting picket.

He was called as the Vaikam player because he was fighting against the ban imposed on Dalits to move to the streets of the temple in Travancore. The predecessor of the Indian government tried to impose the Hindu. It has a huge impact on South India.

He opposed India’s becoming a single nation and voiced his call for South India to become Dravidian. While Brahmins and his disapproval of God, he has not changed the way to hate personalities. He argued that in his campaigns he did not have to take a comment and would only think and make only what is right in his opinion. It also attracted people with change.

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